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Sl. No. Name Affiliation Title
1 R V Gurjar IIT Bombay On the Fundamental Group of a Smooth Projective Surface with a Finite Group of Automorphisms
2 Sudhir Ghorpade IIT Bombay Hypersurfaces in weighted projective spaces over finite fields
3 Arindam Banerjee RKM Vivekananda University Homological Algebra of the Path Ideals of Finite Simple Graphs
4 A V Jayanthan IIT Madras On the Vasconcelos inequality for the fiber multiplicity of modules.
5 Chetan Balwe IISER Mohali $\mathbb{A}^1$-connected components of reductive groups
6 Sarang Sane IIT Madras A criterion for local rings to be Cohen-Macaulay based on a derived equivalence.
7 Krishna Hanumanthu CMI Seshadri Constants
8 Ambily A Cochin University of Science and Technology Normality of DSER elementary orthogonal group
9 Selvaraja S IIT Madras Regularity of powers of edge ideals
10 Neena Gupta ISI Kolkata On Characterizations of Affine spaces and Cancellation Problems.
11 A J Parameswaran TIFR Automorphism Group of a Bott-Samelson-Demazure-Hansen (BSDH) Variety
12 Ananthnarayanan H IIT Bombay Boij-Soderberg theory over standard graded rings
13 Krishna Kaipa IISER Pune The questions of Segre in finite geometry.
14 Utsav Choudhury IISER Kolkata Some contractibility and rigidity results in unstable motivic homotopy theory
15 Viji Thomas IISER Thiruvananthapuram The Bazzoni-Glaz Conjecture
16 Sampat Sharma TIFR Homotopy and commutativity principle
17 Neeraj Kumar IIT Bombay Syzygies of powers of a certain squarefree monomial ideals
18 Kriti Goel IIT Bombay Tight Hilbert Polynomials
19 Madhusudan M IIT Bombay Frobenius Numbers: A Commutative Algebraic Perspective
20 Manoj Kummini CMI $F$-rationality of Rees Algebras
21 Anjan Gupta Universita degli Studi di Genova Poincare Series of Modules over Local Rings
22 Mitra Koley CMI $F$-rationality of Rees and Extended Rees algebras.
23 Mrinal Das ISI Kolkata Stably free modules over smooth real affine algebras.
24 Md Ali Zinna NISER A monic inversion principle
25 Nikhilesh Dasgupta ISI Kolkata Nice Derivations over Principal Ideal Domains
26 Shreedevi Masuti University of Genova Hilbert Functions of Level Algebras
27 Saloni Singh CMI Bounding Hilbert coefficients of parameter ideals
28 Vijaylaxmi Trivedi TIFR Towards Hilbert-Kunz density functions and multiplicities in Characteristic 0
29 Usha Bhosle IISc Vector bundles on rational ruled surfaces.
30 Indranath Sengupta IIT Gandhinagar A Gr\"{o}bner basis method to compute Primary decomposition of certain determinantal ideals
31 Subham Sarkar TIFR Iterated integrals and Special values of Hypergeometric functions
32 V Srinivas TIFR Frobenius action on local cohomology and the Hodge filtration
33 Mandira Mondal TIFR Hilbert-Kunz density function and asymptotic Hilbert-Kunz multiplicity on projective toric varieties
34 Prosenjit Das Indian Institute of Space Science and Technology Rank and Rigidity of Locally Nilpotent Derivations of Affine Fibrations
35 Rajiv Kumar Garg IIT Bombay Extremal Rays of Betti Cones
36 Ganesh Kadu University of Pune Hilbert Polynomial Associated to a Derived Functor

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