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The first National Conference on Commutative Algebra and Algebraic
Geometry was held at Indian Institute of Astrophysics, Kodaikanal during
February 1998. It was decided that these conferences -- CAAG --
would be organized every two years.

The main aim of these conferences is to provide a platform for the young
researchers in Commutative Algebra and Algebraic Geometry in India.
These conferences would bring together senior and young researchers for
exchange of ideas and collaborations. They should also get a chance to
interact with some international experts to update with the latest

As a general practice, the participants are expected to arrange their
own travel expenses. The local hospitalities would be provided by the

So far 12 editions have been organized. The thirteenth
in the series will be held at IISER Pune during December
05 -- 08, 2017.

Caag Year Organizing Institute(s)
CAAG-I 1998 IIA Kodaikanal
CAAG-II 1999 HRI Allahabad
CAAG-III 2000 IISc Bangalore
CAAG-IV 2001 University of Hyderabad (International)
CAAG-V 2003 IIT Bombay and University of Mumbai
CAAG-VI 2005 IMSc and CMI Chennai
CAAG-VII 2007 ISI Bangalore
CAAG-VIII 2009 IIT-M and CMI Chennai
CAAG-IX 2010 IISc Bangalore (International)
CAAG-X 2012 Pondicherry University
CAAG-XI 2015 IIT Guwahati
CAAG-XII 2016 IISER Mohali

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